How To Catch A Cheater

Women are known for their strong feelings and intuition. So when their man is up to something they can just feel it. Though it can be a mistake to just go on feeling and intuition alone without any hard physical proof. If you confront him with just your feelings to go on he is just going to deny it and call you “crazy” or “paranoid.” So that is why I am going to show you how to find out for sure if your partner is cheating or not. Just follow these steps so you can find out the real truth.

I have two methods to get you the hard physical proof about their cheating that you can confront you man with. Even though they may still deny it at least you will know for sure the real truth.

how to catch a cheater

The first method I am going to reveal to you involves something that is known as a key logger. You may have heard about it before or even used it but for those who haven’t here is how to use it in order to catch a cheater.

As you know most cheaters are going to use the computer at some point for their affair. They are going to use email, instant messaging, Facebook or Plenty of Fish to communicate with their cheating partner. When you install a key logger onto the computer they use it is going to record whatever they type into the computer which you can look at afterwards for signs and proof of cheating.

When you look at the chat logs stored on the key logger and find proof that he is cheating you can print them up in order to confront him with his deceit and his lies. It is going to be pretty hard for him to deny he is cheating with all his words right in front of his face!

If he is not using the internet to carry on his affair or if you want to get more evidence and information about his cheating there is another method that you can use. With this method you are going to use a reverse phone look up service to see what kind of trouble he is getting in to.

The first thing that you are going to have to do is to get access to your partner’s phone and go through his history and write down any numbers you don’t know or look suspicious. When you the numbers log onto the internet and use Google to find a reverse phone lookup. When you have found one look up the numbers and find the names these phone numbers are associated with. If they are names of other women make note of them so you can confront him with them. They may be just friends or related to work or business but they also may not. Get him to explain himself and why he has been calling them.

No one wants to find out that their partner is cheating on them but is a sad reality of relationships in today’s world that people do. But now you have the tools to try and catch them if they are.

Though if you have tried out these methods and still suspect he is cheating I recommend for you to try the professional psychics at best online psychics dot website. They have talents and powers that can reveal what people are really doing and trying to hide.